No, Twitter Didn’t Suppress Trends About Wikileaks


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In the wake of this week’s media firestorm over WikiLeaks, some folks have questioned whether Twitter was actively suppressing trends related to the news, like #cablegate and #wikileaks. It seemed surprising that these topics are no longer among top trends.Not at all, claims Twitter on a blog post. Twitter Trends are algorithmically created and they measure events that are being talked about right now. More specifically, Trends favours velocity and novelty over popularity. So even if a particular topic is still popular, other topics may be showing a steeper rise in number of tweets. Those trends will rise to the top of the list.

The blog post also gently reminds users that some topics aren’t as popular as they believe. Pop culture tends to trump serious news: just because you didn’t tweet about Ian Somerhalder’s birthday today, that doesn’t mean it’s not important. To somebody.