Social media managers are taking over CMOs as the new brand gatekeepers

Discover what makes marketers click with consumers. Face 2 Face from Facebook sees Jules Lund go head to head with some of the brightest marketing minds in Australia.

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The strength of the connection between consumer trust and a brand’s social media presence is formidable. Brands are all on socials, they’re accessible and it’s 24/7.

Where once a CMO could set campaigns and strategy top-down, they now have to give social media managers free rein to respond to opportunities. Marketing leaders are seeing a shift towards a community-led approach to marketing that allows brands to respond in real-time to social media.

The latest podcast series from Facebook, called Face 2 Face, talks to marketing experts from leading Australian companies that are putting the social media community at the centre of some of their most successful campaigns. The new series brings together the likes of Paul Bootlis from Host/Havas, Dean Chadwick from Velocity Frequent Flyer, Carmen Barker from KPMG and Kimberlee Wells from TBWA Melbourne to name a few.

The podcast draws together some amazing case studies of the integral role that community has played in leveraging brands. Through a series of engaging conversations between former radio host and founder of TRIBE, Jules Lund, and some of these phenomenal leaders in a wide range of industries, there is a wealth of information on how to run, leverage and measure successful marketing campaigns.

We’ve handpicked our favourites:

1. Lara Thom, CMO, Guzman y Gomez

A young kid by the name of Cal Ryan wrote to us on our Facebook page, a very cheeky email, expressing his disgust that he couldn’t get a GYG burrito in London. He had been [overseas] for six months and he posted the following to us:

It was late at night… and I just replied with: ‘If you get, I think it was, 3000 shares and 5000 comments before the opening of our 100th restaurant in Burleigh on the Gold Coast, then I’ll fly you home’… it just went nuts. What we did from there is that we realised we had PR gold on our hands.

We found out that Cal’s brother was also living in London so we surprised his parents and we brought him home because their other brother had just had a baby and neither of the brothers had met their niece.

I think the organic reach on Facebook alone was 1.5 million people.

2. Kimberlee Wells, CEO of TBWA (speaking on ANZ)

The power of social really comes to life when you’ve got community pitted against community. So, you have a brand in the centre, then social, really, is a combination of a whole bunch of small organised groups. When you put something provocative into that space it’s fascinating to watch the groups contribute to the conversation or pull that conversation apart.

[The GayTMs] illustrates the power of a really strong idea. People will go to the most extraordinary lengths for an idea they believe in, and it just kept growing and growing and growing.

Image: ANZ

3. Julian Dunne, Head of Marketing and Insights, AFL

It all starts with the audience and understanding what it is about your product that meets a need in their life, or provides a utility for them or can engage them. And that’s why it’s becoming more complicated as a marketer because you have to tailor your content now in many ways. At the heart of it is a great brand, but that’s all about understanding your audience. So I think, you can’t understand your audience, you can’t understand people if you don’t have empathy… the one thing about the AFL is that the fans believe it’s their game.

Source: Supplied. Pictured: Jules Lund in conversation with John Dawson and Julian Dunne

To hear more case studies from this truly insightful podcast series, listen online via Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Apple podcasts.

The podcast answers questions like: how should you be adapting for mobile? How has creativity changed? Can you build brand on mobile? How can marketers engage customers in a meaningful way?

Episodes in the series include:

  • Carmen Bekker and Dean Chadwick chat about what keeps CMOs up at night from getting the attention of the board to proving marketing is a valuable investment. Listen now.
  • Lara Thom and Kimberlee Wells give the reins of control over to their customers that help build communities only possible through the power of social media from marriage equality to forgetting the guacamole on someone’s burrito. Listen now.
  • Julian Dunne and John Dawson talk about the catalysts for inspirational change in their careers and how marketing is in a unique position to create governmental change and communication. Listen now.
  • And Parag Panjwani and Paul Bootlis discuss the effectiveness of a truly creative idea and having Usain Bolt as your ambassador! Listen now.

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