Why Top Execs Keep Quitting Facebook


A week ago, we reported that Facebook’s departing director of business development, Netanel “Net” Jacobsson, and developer Charlie Cheever were only the latest in a long line of execs to quit the company.

Since then, we’ve been contacted by former Facebook employees who helped us expand the list.

We asked one of these former employees if there’s any one overriding reason all these people quit.

That former employee’s answer:

Is there a common thread to the other people leaving? I don’t know. I know some specific cases of why things went down. One shared sentiment though is that Mark is a very demanding person to work for, if you screw up, one day you are in, the next day out, persona non grata. Some folks chalk that up to immaturity on Mark’s part, but he has a consistent vision from the day that I met him for how he thinks things should be and acts accordingly. When Doug Hirsch an early VP of Product who came from Yahoo was pushing hard for the Yahoo deal (without completely being forthcoming) and Mark balked, Doug packed his bags very shortly after.

So there you have it: People who disagree with Mark’s vision for the company tend to find their way out the door. With Facebook rapidly approaching 200 million users — less than a year after crossing the 100 million mark — it’s hard to say that’s such a bad thing. 

Still, that’s just one execs side of the story. If you know better, be sure to hit us up at [email protected] or 646 747 1539.

Here’s how the list of departed Facebook executives stands now:

  • Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz
  • Platform director Ben Ling
  • Designer Katie Geminder
  • Designer Eston Bond
  • Data guru Jeff Hammerbacher
  • Marketing VP Matt Cohler
  • Top engineeer Justin Rosenstein
  • Sandberg’s executive assistant, Camille Hart
  • CTO Adam D’Angelo
  • Cofounder Chris Hughes
  • COO Owen Van Natta
  • President Sean Parker
  • CFO Mike Sheridan
  • Controller Catherine Chang
  • VP of Product Doug Hirsch
  • Cofounder Andrew McCollum
  • Cofounder Eduardo Saverin
  • Tricia Black (first VP of Sales)
  • TS Ramakrishnan (VP of engineering)
  • Nick Heyman (director of Operations)


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