Why Seamless Uses 'One-Liners' To Get People To Order Food


Seamless marketing VP Ryan Scott spoke on a panel at Business Insider’s Mobile Advertising Conference in New York City today. He talked a bit about how Seamless keeps its brand in the mind of consumers.

“We really have to think about the full media mix,” said Scott. “We make sure that we’re top of mind, and speaking to customers differently — from a customer’s perspective.”

Scott and his team use multiple channels to reach the consumer. Relative to retail, Seamless is a low margin business, he explained, so it’s fundamentally important that it manages to drive as much traffic as possible.

To do that, Seamless has found that direct, succinct statements work very well in its marketing. By keeping it simple, customers don’t have to think about it. They get the value proposition immediately, and it’s just good customer relationship management, said Scott.

Here are a few one liners that have been “very very successful” for Seamless, according to Scott:

  • “Buy now”
  • “Download now”
  • “Get app”
  • “Order from your favourite restaurants”

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