Why Republican Governors Have To Support Obama


Here’s another reason why the Republican party is screwed three ways from Tuesday. Even while the GOP in Washington are able to show some resolve to oppose the President, governors, as NYT notes today, support the President and his stimulus plans.

The paper calls it ‘pragmatic conservatism’. Another way term might be ‘desparate conservatism’. See, the states really have no choice. They have to balance their budgets. They don’t have the luxury of grinning and bearing it or taking their medicine. Sure there’ll be cuts and tax increases, but those just won’t be enough. So if your a Republican governor, your choice is between: Hoping for cash from DC or quitting the job and giving someone else the problem. And since quitting during a time of crisis is guaranteed to be the end of your career, your only other option is to suck up to the President and get on the dole.

They say government dependancy makes people more liberal. That even applies to Republican governors.