Just How Powerful Political Wives Can Be

Newt Gingrich and Wife

Photo: AP

John Deardourff, an astute campaign strategist of another day, used to say that the ideal wife for a political candidate “would be on a raft drifting slowly down the Amazon.”Many campaign managers of both parties would share that daydream. Wives of candidates—and perhaps a few husbands these days—can be a continuing nuisance to a campaign, sometimes trying to dictate both tactics and strategy, at others playing the diva and demanding too much care and feeding.

The spouse-staff tension doesn’t often evolve to the point it reached in the Newt Gingrich operation this year that ended with the mass resignations of almost the entire senior staff.

It is probably a fatal blow to the candidacy of the former speaker of the House. He will find it difficult to raise money or to hire anyone with strong credentials. The betting now is that, having seen the Greek Isles, Callista and Newt Gingrich will soon be free to tour Provence, or perhaps Tuscany. The early opinion polls suggest he will not be widely missed by the voters.

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