I finally understand why people use selfie sticks

I’ve always hated selfie sticks.

When you are in touristy places, they litter the landscape. As a busy New Yorker, they often almost hit you in the face at the most inopportune times (like when you are trying to get back into your Times or Union Square office after lunch).

But today I changed my mind.

Today I was at the Women’s World Cup parade in downtown Manhattan. It was really crowded, and at any time I was five to seven people away from a clear view to the street.

For the most part I was talking to people and taking photos of fans, but as the parade wore on, I decided I wanted a selfie to commemorate the occasion.

So I tried to take a selfie.

Shane bad selfieShane FerroThe author takes a bad selfie.

It did not go well. The scale was all wrong. I had to bend down to get the float in the background, and even then I only got the players’ butts (sorry players).

Finally, FINALLY, I know why people use selfie sticks. They’re annoying and a little bit dangerous, but they really help you get the job done when your arm is just not long enough to get a full parade in the background of your photo.

These ladies, who asked me to throw some ticker tape on top of them as they took a selfie know what’s up.

Women's World Cup paradeShane FerroWomen’s World Cup parade

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