Why So Many People Absolutely Despise Black Friday

Macy's Black Friday Shopping Crowd Excited Frenzy Department Store

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While millions of door-busters seek out the best Black Friday deals at Walmart, Target and Best Buy, many more complain about the Thanksgiving tradition. A few common criticisms about Black Friday are that it symbolizes excessive consumerism in America and makes people act like idiots.

“Black Friday: because only in America people trample each other for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have,” read a tweet that’s since been shared more than 20,000 times. 

The website hateblackfriday.com posts explanations for why people hate the tradition. We chose some of the best excerpts: 

One hater claims that shoppers don’t even save on the day: 

“The irony of this ridiculous soirée, besides the utter lack of self control; is the unnecessary marathon which ensues each and every year. It is a myth that Black Friday is the only way shoppers save money during the holidays. In fact, holiday sales generally continue up until Christmas.”

And now, Black Friday even cuts into Thanksgiving: 

“Today we have the evening and midnight madness taking place on Thanksgiving. This day which was once reserved for family and giving thanks has now given way to an extension of capitalistic mayhem. Instead of family we have foraging. Instead of feasting we have frenzy.”

There’s the matter of America’s international reputation: 

“Can you even imagine what people in other countries must think of our ridiculousness? People that don’t have enough food to keep their kids’ bellies from aching, watching an overweight house wife shove her fat behind to the front of the line to grab six discount deep fryers? It honestly makes me nauseous.”

Black Friday can bring out the worst in people: 

“Remember a couple of years ago when the Wal-Mart clerk got trampled to death by a mob trying to break the doors down? Another time a guy got held up in the parking lot and shot because he refused to hand over the crap he had bought. I guess he thought that it was worth more than his life. I hate black Friday.”

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