Why People Are Willing To Pay $5,000 To Go To Conferences Like WSJD Live

This week, we’re in Southern California covering WSJD Live.

It’s the fancy tech conference News Corporation hopes will make people forget about the All Things D conferences it used to throw, before the All Things D staff walked out the door last year to start a new company, Re/Code.

These things can be big money-makers for media companies. Tickets cost $US5,000 a piece.

Why in the world would someone pay that much?

We’re going to have a more comprehensive answer to that question up later this week, but for now, take a look at the photo below.

In the photo, there are three men standing up amid a cluster of dinner tables. They are having a casual conversation.

On the left, there’s Ron Conway — a famous venture capitalist from Silicon Valley.

On the right, there’s Apple CEO Tim Cook.

In the middle, there is some guy.

People pay $US5,000 for tickets to this conference in hopes of being that “some guy.”

Heck, Conway — himself a hard guy to get a meeting with — was probably tickled to get a few minutes with Cook.

Apple is famously closed-off from the rest of the industry.

Tim Cook Ron ConwayNicholas CarlsonSilicon Valley startup investor Ron Conway gets in Tim Cook’s earhole at WSJD Live

A number of people got that chance last night, actually.

Here’s another photo of “some guy” talking to Tim Cook.

You can’t tell from the photo, but the conversation lasted a good five to ten minutes. It was one of several Cook patiently had with attendees.

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