This chart shows very clearly why people are disappointed by Apple Watch sales

Apple sold 4.1 million Apple Watches in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to IDC estimates. That makes it the second-best selling wearable device in the quarter, trailing only Fitbit.

But most people were disappointed by Apple Watch’s sales figures. Why? Because Apple Watch failed to bring a significant holiday jump in its sales during the quarter, typically the best-selling period of the year.

This chart by Statista, based on data from IDC, shows Apple Watch’s holiday sales only saw a slight bump compared to previous quarters. In contrast, Fitbit’s sales jumped 72% from the previous quarter, while smaller players like Garmin and Samsung both saw increases. Xiaomi’s sales dropped sequentially, but it saw a whopping 285% jump year-over-year.

There could be a lot of reasons for the slow growth, but as IDC’s
Jitesh Ubrani told Business Insider, it might be due to the smartwatch’s lack of appeal to the general public.

“Some of that can be attributed to early-on supply chain issues, but I think most of it is attributed to people just not seeing the value in the smartwatch just yet,” Ubrani said. “The price has been very high on these things, and function-wise, they don’t offer a lot of new functionality when it compares to the smartphone.”


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