Memorial Day Drivers Now Have Another Way To Fill Up For Free

Photo: flickr/ejcallow

Memorial Day weekend calls for a road trip and just like clockwork, CVS is bringing back its popular “Earn Free Gas” promotion from last year.Members of CVS’s ExtraCare program can earn up to $50 of gas cards from Exxon Mobil or Shell during select weeks in May through August.

Spend up to $30 and that’ll qualify you for a redeemable coupon for a $10 gas card. Simply look out for the “gas!” symbol next to CVS’s products, in-store or in weekly circulars to see what qualifies. You can also check CVS’s site or its Facebook page.

CVS’s “Earn Free Gas” promotion comes at the same time Maureen Mackey of The Fiscal Times reports gas prices are dropping below $3.70 over the weekend.  

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