Why P2P Music Scofflaw LimeWire Hasn't Settled

Unlike other U.S.-based music “filesharing” services, LimeWire has refused to go straight after the Supreme Court’s 2005 Grokster ruling, which basically said such services were illegal. Instead the NY-based company has stubbornly stuck around, and is now spending lots of time and money fighting Big Music in court.

One reason the company hasn’t given up yet: It remains hugely successful. We don’t know how much money LimeWire generates (“lots”, we hear, anecdotally), but we do know it’s by far the most popular P2P app out there. Online research company Big Champagne says that 36.4% of PCs have the software installed, up from 34.1% a year ago.

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Is LimeWire Going Legit? Not Yet.

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