Why Oracle Is Not Buying HP: It’s Still About The Software To Larry

There is a fascinating discussion going on in the press about whether or not Oracle’s silence in the latest HP scandal is a sign that a deal to purchase HP is imminent. It’s rare, after all, that Larry Ellison — with his sidekick the former HP CEO Mark Hurd — resists the chance to call HP’s past and present management a bunch of clowns. And once again, the floppy shoes and rainbow wig seem to fit.

One of the best write-ups came from Uneasy Empires, and we quoted it on the Ticker earlier. It argues, in short, that if Oracle wants to dominate enterprise hardware, it needs HP. I spent a good bit of my morning on the phone with a few dealmakers and others close to this space, and came away convinced that no deal is in the works and doubtful there would ever be one.

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