Why One Analyst Thinks Coca-Cola's New Beer Deal With Molson Coors Sucks

Photo: Getty/Amy Sussman

Coca-Cola Amatil has signed a deal which allows it to distribute Molson Coors beer, according to the Australian Financial Review.

This includes brands such as a craft beer called Blue Moon, as well as Carling, Coors Light and Caffrey’s.

These brands only make up a small part of the Australian market. And one analyst, who wouldn’t be named, thinks this is why the deal sucks:

“If they got a big brand like Corona that already has a market share of about 6 per cent or 7 per cent, you can understand it [the strategy].

“But they are not going to do that. Instead, this really seems a bit like rats and mice.”

Coke wants to push further into the Australian beer market, according to the article, as the margins here are so high.

CCA has a results announcement today, with analysts predicting June-half net profit of around $220 million.

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