Why not setting your goals correctly could be making you sick

Get your work goals right, and be happier. Photo: Shutterstock.

Finding motivation and purpose in your job is one way to not only make you more successful, but also happier and healthier.

Ben Harvey, co-founder of Authentic Education, has built his business on inspiring others to do this by crafting a life of direction, passion and focus based on the teachings of Dr Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins and the Dalai Lama.

Since he launched the business six years ago, he has conducted over 8,000 one-on-one business and life coaching sessions, and has been awarded the Australian BRW Fast-Start award and BRW Fast 100 award in 2015.

While improvement and progression is important, Harvey says having goals can actually can have a negative impact on your work, if they’re not set correctly.

Ben Harvey. Photo: authenticeducation.com.au

“People are falling in love with the prize not the process,” says Harvey, “and therefore are giving up daily fulfillment for some future achievement.

“Goals often take you away from the present moment, turning your attention away from obvious clues that you are run-down.”

Harvey suggest when goal-setting, ensure they are matched to your own set of values and not those of others. Failing to do so, he says, can create “incongruence and often results experiencing a huge loss of confidence”.

“People are regularly chasing other peoples’ goals which puts pressure on them to be someone they are not, which in turn requires the use of external stimulants to maintain vital energy levels due to a lack of internal inspiration. This reduces the power of the immune system,” he said.

“There are two ways to live life, achievement or fulfillment.

“Achievement is where you take a look at your life only to discover that all you are doing is running from one goal to the next with no real idea of why you began doing so in the first place. This places greater strain on the mind and body, hence more sickness.

“Fulfillment is where you awaken to the realisation that every single day is a gift and today you can do something that truly lights you up for no other reason than the simple fact that it feels good. Children and highly successful people alike have worked this one out, they literally do something until they get bored of it then they move onto something else.

“All of the great gurus throughout time have said we must be childlike and playful in everything we do and fulfillment is how a child acts. Entrepreneurs are continually innovating things which brings intrinsic fulfillment.”

By falling in the love the process, you will be more attune to the bodies natural feedback because you’re not fixated on achieving the goal, he says.