Why None Of The Recommendations On 'Mad Money' Ever Leak Out Before The Show Airs

cramer executioner

We’re here at the NYSE, where we just listened to Mad Money host and all around media guru Jim Cramer talk about his day, and what goes into “Mad Money.”

There’s a lot of stuff that we’ll get into, but there was one thing that struck us as particularly interesting: Why don’t any of Cramer’s recommendations ever leak out, given that the show is recorded right at 4 PM, and doesn’t air until later in the evening?

He explained, only 5 people ever see the script, and then: “If I fear someone has leaked, I fire them.” He might ask questions later, but there is “no due process.”

Furthermore, anyone who calls in to ask a question is on mute, and can’t hear any of the show while they wait.

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