Why Netflix is twice as good in the US as it is in Australia

As of last month, Netflix’s grand plan for international expansion is in full swing, and the service is now live in over 190 countries. But that doesn’t mean that each country’s version of Netflix is created equal.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said, on multiple occasions, that Netflix’s ultimately goal is to have the majority of its content be globally available. That’s one of the reasons Netflix is investing so heavily in original shows and movies. If Netflix owns the global rights to a show, it doesn’t have to negotiate separately in every country.

But new research from Exstreamist’s Rob Toledo suggests Netflix still has a way to go in making its service the same in all corners of the earth. Toledo used several databases to examine which countries had the most titles available to stream on Netflix, and which had the least.

There were big differences. While the top countries had thousands of titles to choose from (the US had 5,750), the bottom ten all had less than 600.

Many international Netflix lovers have previously circumvented the problem of a barren national Netflix library by using a specific software called a VPN to hide their true location so they can purchase a Netflix subscription in the US.

But Netflix has recently begun to crack down on people who use VPNs and proxy services to watch movies or shows that are “locked” in their area.

Here is a chart of the countries with the most titles available:

And here is a chart of the bottom ten:

Australia sits somewhere in the middle, with 2028 titles available, less than half on offer in the US.

To see the full list of countries, head over to Exstreamist.

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