Why NBC Is Powerless To Stop Ad Featuring Dismembered Fetuses Running In Super Bowl


[credit provider=”Missy Reilly Smith campaign ad”]

An anti-abortion activist will run a gruesome commercial featuring images of “dismembered aborted fetuses” on the Super Bowl, and there’s nothing broadcaster NBC can do stop him.

Normally, NBC screens Super Bowl ads ahead of time for taste and audience appropriateness. It nixes ads that have too much commercial, adult, or objectionable content.

But federal election law allows candidates for office to run whatever campaign ads they like, and NBC cannot stop them. So Operation Rescue founder Terry Randall, who is making a non-serious “run” for president, has bought “campaign” ads during the Super Bowl on local NBC affiliate stations that have primary elections within the following 45 days of the big game.

The ad will likely use images from late-term abortions even though 88 per cent of abortions occur in the first trimester.

Randall and his followers have tried this trick before. In 2010, viewers in Washington, D.C. were subjected to a horrible ad by Missy Reilly Smith, who was pretending to be a candidate for that district’s shadow congressional seat. The image above is taken from that ad.

Her ad is below. We assume Randall’s will be similar. Warning: The images in this video are upsetting.