Here's The Logic Behind Mitt Romney's Presidential Campaign

Mitt Romney is expected to announce in a conference call Friday morning whether he is going to make another run for the White House.

And according The Daily Beast, Romney is going to announce he is in the race. 

Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin previously reported Romney thinks he can beat the potential Republican candidates Jeb Bush and Chris Christie.

If Romney seeks the Republican nomination, it would be his third bid for the presidency. He was the GOP nominee in 2012 and unsuccessfully ran in 2008. 

Here’s why Romney thinks he should run, according to sources close to him who spoke to Bloomberg:

  • Romney and his wife, Ann, firmly believe that of all of the candidates in the running for the 2016 election, he is the best choice for the country. Those in Romney’s circle reportedly think he can turn the country around after what they consider a disastrous second term by President Barack Obama.
  • Romney is seeing good poll results in key states, including Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. Bolstering those numbers is a huge private poll carried out by a wealthy GOP donor that shows Romney has the best chance of winning the Republican nomination.
  • Romney thinks he can fix what hurt him in 2008 and 2012. He reportedly believes he will be able to convince voters that he is not out of touch with most of America and that he can take Florida and Ohio by convincing a few more voters that he cares about people like them.

There are, however, two things that Romney and his camp think he has working against him:

  • Another run would be tough for Romney and his family. Romney alluded to these struggles in the Netflix documentary “Mitt,” which was released last year, and he is reportedly worried that another campaign would take too much of a physical, emotional, and psychological toll on him and those close to him.
  • Romney is worried that a tough fight for the Republican nomination would damage the person who ultimately becomes the party’s candidate, while Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton would emerged unscathed because she would be running virtually unchallenged for her party’s nomination.

All that aside, Romney and his team reportedly believe that if he wants the Republican nomination, he will get it. So it seems that it’s just a matter of his deciding whether he wants to go through another campaign.

Romney is reportedly planning on making an effort to appear less polished and more “authentic.” In addition to his failed 2012 bid, Romney unsuccessfully sought the GOP nomination in 2008. Both times he was criticised for appearing stilted and overly managed. This led to Romney’s being frequently described as “robotic.” 

Romney’s team sent an email to supporters Thursday night announcing a Friday morning conference call that he would lead. While the email didn’t explicitly say whether Romney would announce his decision to seek the Republican nomination, the message promised an “update.”

Halperin seems pretty confident:


Last year, Romney vehemently insisted that he was not going to run again.

He told The New York Times last January when asked if he would consider another presidential campaign:

“Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no. People are always gracious and say, ‘Oh, you should run again.’ I’m not running again. I will say this: It was a great experience. I loved it. … But look, I want to make sure that we take the country in a different direction. I think that Chris Christie and Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, and the list goes on, have a much better chance of doing that, and so I will support one of them as they become the nominee.”

However, in the past few weeks, Romney admitted to donors he is considering another campaign. Romney’s team did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Business Insider about the call. This post is being continuously updated. 

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 This post was updated at 10:11 a.m. 

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