Microsoft Is Hoping Windows 8 Will Be Trouble For Google

microsoft windows 8 tourWindows 8 apps, baby.

Photo: Kevin Smith/Business Insider

There’s a narrative forming out there that the rise of Apple’s app-based environment on the iPhone and iPad is bad for Google.The idea is that as more people use, say, the Yelp app and the Amazon app on their iPad, they use the web less. And the less they use the web, the less they search with Google. And the less they search with Google, the worse things are for Google.

If you believe in this nightmare scenario — and so far, Google’s earnings haven’t given you much reason to believe in it, since they keep going up — then Microsoft’s Windows 8 is going to keep you up at night.

Microsoft is following Apple’s App Store model with Windows 8. It’s doing a “Windows Store.” And at the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft talked quite a bit about apps. It demonstrated using a Hulu app, a Wikipedia app, and an email app. Traditionally, those are things people did on the web.

If one of the most popular mobile operating systems — iOS — is emphasising apps and the most popular laptop/desktop PC — Windows operating system — is emphasising apps, then Google could eventually get squeezed.

It’s a long shot, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

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