There's really only one way a normal guy can get away with wearing a ring

ShutterstockShutterstockNever wear a ring with more character than you.

What is the appropriate amount of ornamentation for a man? It’s an endless debate.

I’ve always lived by a very simple philosophy: less is more. When it comes to men’s accessories, that means sticking to established parameters.

For rings, that translates to an equally simple rule — don’t wear one unless you’re married.

Let’s be honest: you don’t need to wear your high school class ring, and the fact that your family has a crest does not mean it needs to be on your finger.

Men are not traditionally the ornamental sex, which means that any more than a simple wedding band will be seen as “too much” and “going too far.” It will look out of place, and it will capture everyone’s attention.

As the common phrase of mysterious origin goes: “Never wear a hat with more character than you.” The same can be said for rings.

For more extroverted men — think sports stars, musicians, and actors — extra jewellery can work. They can pull it off because people expect it of them.

For normal people, there’s just no way. The rings will dominate and obscure, and the “Godfather” jokes will come fast and furious. Soon, you’ll be known as “the guy who wears a weird ring every day.”

Besides, don’t you want the people you meet to be drawn to your sparkling personality — and not your sparkling ruby Class of ’89 ring?

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