Melania Trump’s spokeswoman explains why the first lady has never reached out to Michelle Obama for advice

  • In an interview that aired Sunday, former first lady Michelle Obama was asked whether her successor, Melania Trump, had ever reached out to her for advice.
  • “No, no she hasn’t,” Obama responded, raising her eyebrows.
  • Trump’s spokeswoman said in a statement on Tuesday that if the first lady ever needed advice, she would get it from “her professional team within the White House.”

First lady Melania Trump has never reached out to her predecessor, Michelle Obama, for advice.

On Sunday, Obama appeared on ABC News’ “20/20” to promote her new memoir, “Becoming.” Her interviewer, Robin Roberts, mentioned that former first lady Laura Bush had offered to give Obama advice anytime she needed it.

Obama said she made the same offer to Trump after the 2016 election.

When Roberts asked whether the first lady had ever reached out to her, Obama said, “No, no she hasn’t,” and raised her eyebrows.

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On Tuesday, Trump’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, said in a statement that, in short, Trump doesn’t need Obama’s advice.

“Mrs. Trump is a strong and independent woman who has been navigating her role as First Lady in her own way,” Grisham said. “When she needs advice on any issue, she seeks it from her professional team within the White House.”