Why Maximum Security was disqualified from winning the Kentucky Derby

  • Long shot Country House won the Kentucky Derby, but only after Maximum Security was disqualified.
  • Maximum Security, one of the favourites to win the race, led most of the way and crossed the finish line first.
  • After a lengthy delay, the stewards determined that Maximum Security interfered with War of Will who then bumped Long Range Toddy and Country House, costing the latter a shot at the win.
  • It was the first time in 145 years that the horse who finished first was disqualified from winning the Kentucky Derby based on disqualification from the stewards.
  • NBC’s Mike Tirico explained the ruling.
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Long shot Country House was declared the winner of the 2019 Kentucky Derby despite crossing the finish line second.

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Maximum Security, one of the favourites, crossed the line first, but after a protest and lengthy review, the stewards ruled that he had impeded the other horses by leaving his lane in the final turn before the homestretch. Maximum Security bumped War of Will, who then hit Country House and it was determined that this action cost Country House a shot at the win.

Mike Tirico explained the ruling for NBC.

“Maximum Security moves off that rail, comes out, impedes the path of War of Will, gets in the way of Long Rainge Toddy and Country House,” Tirico said.

In other words, Maximum Security moved off his lane before he was clear of the outside horses, interfering with their progress.

You can see the controversial move here