Why Lenny Kravitz's graphic wardrobe malfunction shocked Aerosmith's Steve Tyler

This is the most epic wardrobe malfunction of all time. Or not.

Picture: Magnus Goethe/Twitter

In case you missed his career way back in the ’90s, that’s rocker Lenny Kravitz at a gig in Stockholm earlier this week.

Kravitz is known for making all the ladies swoon. He’s dated a who’s who of the beautiful and famous: from Nicole Kidman to Natalie Imbruglia and Kylie Minogue – yes, he liked Australians – to Adriana Lima, Vanessa Paradis and Cosby Show star Lisa Bonet, alongside rumours about models like Naomi Campbell and designer Stella McCartney.

He supposedly took a vow of religious celibacy in 2005, but let a couple of previously unknown things slip in Sweden, when he dipped too low and discovered the stitching in his trousers wasn’t up to the task.

For starters, he’s not scared to go commando. And according to this message from Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler, shared by Kravitz, doesn’t mind a bit of value-adding:

Image: Lenny Kravitz/Instagram

We didn’t look closely. But if you want to, search for @magnusgoethe’s original photo on Twitter.

But we dip out lid to the census team at the Australian Bureau of Statistics for getting in on the act:

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