Why Layne Beachley worked 4 jobs and 60 hours a week while training to become surfing's world champion

Photo: Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation/ Facebook.

“I never had heroes. I never put people on pedestals. I always dreamed of becoming the best I could be,” former world No. 1 surfing champion Layne told guests at the Aim For The Stars leadership forum in Sydney today.

At 22, Beachley was ranked number two, and hungry for the ultimate title: World Champ.

“I was working four different jobs, 60 hours a week, and I was earning $8000 (from sponsors),” she says.

Needing the financial backing to make international meets to compete, Beachley was doing everything she could to achieve her dream.

Then one day, her employer gave her the support she needed.

After working tirelessly at the Old Manly Boatshed, with shifts extending from 6pm to 4am, her boss recognised her determination and dedication, and wrote her a cheque for $3000.

“He saw how passionate I was, he saw how invested I was in keeping my goals. He said: ‘I believe in you. Here is the money for you to achieve your dream.’

“That was a catalyst moment, that was my stepping stone to achieve my ultimate goal: Not only becoming a one time World Champion, but a seven-time World Champion.

“After reflecting on my career… and the challenges, it was the people who stood by me and supporting me in those moments who had the greatest impact on me. By pursing my goals and living my dreams I therefore had the ability to inspire others to do the same,” Beachley said.

“And doing so has enabled me to start a foundation that is creating tomorrow’s leaders today.”

The Layne Beachley Foundation announced the launch of seven Aim for the Stars scholarships to support young women in their chosen field of leadership.

The details are here.

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