20 Reasons Why Rays Manager Joe Maddon Is The Craziest Person In Baseball

Joe Maddon

Joe Maddon may be the quirkiest person in baseball.

He is the ultimate players manager, constantly doing things never seen before in the sport, all in an effort to keep things fresh for his players so that they can perform at their highest level.

His antics range from the clubhouse to the field. And in many cases, he is influencing how the game of baseball is evolving.

On the next few pages, we’ll take a look at some of his crazier moments since becoming manager in 2006…

He only accepted the job as Rays manager after making it clear to management that he needed two days off during the season to attend his (then) girlfriend's graduation from law school

He once walked Josh Hamilton with the bases loaded (the Rays won the game)

He started the fad in baseball where teams dress up under a specific theme for road trips, such as the Nerds trip in 2012

And he was once ejected for saying 'I love you' to an umpire after the umpire told him not to say another word.

In fact, his 19 ejections since the start of the 2010 season is three more than anybody else in MLB

He once wore a football helmet to a post-game press conference out of respect for another coach

He likes to keep things loose in the clubhouse by inviting unique guests

And meets with the media with a cockatoo on his shoulder

He even hired a DJ to entertain the players before a game

And once used Twitter to invite Pink to throw out a first pitch

He received a shaving cream pie to the face during a live interview and still managed to find his mark on the ground

Every spring he shaves his head for charity

And yet, in 2011 he vowed not to cut his hair all year and encouraged his players to do the same

He once had Sam Fuld, an outfielder, warm up because his pitcher wasn't ready

Joe Maddon was the first to wear the 'Elmer Fudd' cap during the 2008 World Series. He was laughed at then, but now many players wear them.

He once challenged MLB's silly rule about no hoodies in the dugout and the players had his back. MLB ultimately changed the rule.

He once blew Craig Sager a kiss because he liked Sager's outfit

Maddon is redefining how defence is played by shifting players more than twice as much as any other team. He will even shift against right-handed batters, something that was once unheard of.

He even once made a video explaining the importance of the fist-bump

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