Why Is There A Bing Icon On My BlackBerry?

tweet complaining about Verizon's Bing for Blackberry deal

Over the past few days, Verizon Wireless BlackBerry users have been puzzled, and in some cases infuriated to find a mysterious Bing icon amongst their applications.

This is just one of the ways in which Verizon is pushing its users toward Microsoft’s search engine as part of the $500 million deal struck between the two companies earlier this year. Verizon has also made Bing the engine behind the search bar in the browser for most of its phones. Until recently, BlackBerry users could specify which search engine to use.

It is the Bing icon which has created the most ill will, however. The company has a post on its website explaining that the icon is merely a link to install the app, but many irate customers assume that the app has already been installed without their consent. The icon cannot be deleted (though it can be hidden.)

A spokesman for Verizon Wireless told us the company had posted information on hiding the icon, and added, “We think Verizon Wireless BlackBerry users will love Bing, but we are passionate about customer choice.”

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