Why is Queensland So... Backward? Here's A Map Of Google Autocompletes For Every Australian State

We’re a boring bunch, Australians.

A recent Google autocomplete for what people search for on every state was dominated by that one universal talking point – the weather.

Autocomplete maps have been flavour of the month, after Josh Greenman of The New York Daily News giving us the US version.

Computer Science graduate research assistant at Michigan State University Randal Olson kicked off this month with the top autocomplete words for each country in Europe and Middle East and Asia.

So here’s your local version of…

Why Is [insert state here] So:

There’s a couple of standouts that parochials won’t like, namely Victoria and Queensland, and your own browser might change a couple of things, depending on how much you’ve actually searched for these kinds of things yourself.

Because we’re so dull and only want to talk about the weather, here’s another version with the results for our capital cities…

Why Is [insert capital city here] So:

You’ll note the tone of topic doesn’t improve much, varying only slightly to include that other great Aussie icebreaker – whinging about money.

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