‘Why is my Roku not connecting to the internet?’: How to troubleshoot your Roku if it won’t connect to the internet

The first thing to test if your Roku device is having trouble connecting to the internet is your network’s signal. Fozan Ns/Shutterstock

Your Roku is your ticket to enjoying all your favourite streaming media platforms as well as literally thousands of TV channels.

So when your Roku isn’t connecting to the internet, it means you’re cut off from countless hours of entertainment that you can usually count on to brighten your day.

Here’s how to fix that.

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How to troubleshoot your Roku if it’s not connecting to the internet

Here are three ways to troubleshoot your Roku device if it won’t connect to the internet. Roku

Fortunately, getting your Roku back online is usually pretty quick and easy. And in most cases, when a Roku can’t connect to the internet, the problem isn’t even with the Roku itself, but rather with the router, other devices in your home, or the connection settings.

Start troubleshooting Roku connectivity issues by checking physical hardware and making sure all cables are properly connected and then ensuring it is connected to the proper network.

Do an internet speed test

If you are having trouble controlling your Roku via your phone’s app, check your phone’s internet settings and make sure it is connected to the right network. Roku

If your Roku is connected to the internet but the connection seems weak, open the settings menu on the Roku, and then go to “Network” and then “Check connection.” The device will test the quality of the internet signal and its speed, letting you know if your issues may be caused by a poor connection.

Assuming the signal strength and speed from your router seem sufficient, try turning off other devices that are using the internet to offer more bandwidth to the Roku. You can also try moving the Roku closer to the router to improve connection strength.

Restart your Roku

Click ‘Settings.’ Roku

As with many devices, restarting a Roku can often improve its performance. Go to “Settings,” then select “System,” and then “System restart” to reboot your Roku. And consider restarting your router as well.

Connect an ethernet cable to your Roku

Sometimes, using a cable to directly connect your Roku to the internet is your best option. Dave Johnson/Business Insider

While you can’t plug an ethernet cable into a Roku Stick, physically using a cable to connect a compatible Roku player to the internet will always create the most robust connection.

For information on what Rokus work with ethernet connections, and how to connect them, check out our article, “How to connect your Roku device to the internet via a wired connection or WiFi.”

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