Here's why you'll soon start seeing blurred photos on Instagram

Instagram will soon roll out a new feature that blurs out sensitive content.

As part of an effort to “build a safe environment,” Instagram will put a screen over photos and videos that have been reported — and confirmed by Instagram’s team — as sensitive.

Here’s what it will look like:

If you’re still interested in looking at a blurred photo or video, not to worry: One tap at the bottom of the image will remove the blurry screen and let you view the content as it normally appears.

Instagram says it’s making the change to prevent “surprising or unwanted experiences in the app.” In a blog post about the feature, Instagram emphasised that a blurred photo doesn’t mean the post violated the site’s guidelines — instead, it’s material someone could find offensive or disturbing.

Instagram hasn’t said when this new feature is rolling out, and a quick review of Instagram hasn’t shown any blurred images yet. There’s also no word whether a user can petition to have a photo or video un-blurred after it’s been reported. We’ve reached out to the company for more information.

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