Why I’m Never Going Back To Entrepreneurship

Charlie O'Donnell

Charlie O’Donnell is a principal at First Round Capital, but he wasn’t always a venture capitalist.

Two years ago, O’Donnell was an entrepreneur and his startup, Path101, presented on stage at Startup 2009.

His company failed, and O’Donnell now works in First Round’s New York office. He spoke today at Business Insider’s Startup 2011.

We asked him if he’ll ever go back to entrepreneurship, what he learned from his failed venture, and why we should give a hoot about Uber, one of First Round’s portfolio companies that’s blowing up right now.

See below for audio of our conversation:

Charlie O’Donnell is Principal at First Round CapitalO’Donnell founded New York’s largest independent innovation community group, nextNY, and was voted one of the SA100 the last three consecutive years. Prior, Charlie was the Co-Founder & CEO of Path 101, a startup in the career guidance space. He also spent two years at Union Square Ventures.