Why I Stopped Caring About The NFL labour Negotiations

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I don’t care about the NFL Lockout anymore.There’s been a lot of talk this week about the negotiations and how owners and players are “secretly” meeting and “showing progress” and “getting optimistic.”

A new deal could be “approved” next Tuesday (even though no one has agreed to anything) or it could be hammered out in a “matter of day” or maybe just 2-3 weeks or could be done the end of the month with a goal of July 4 or and July 14 is definitely the key date.

Sorry, but I don’t care.

This morning, there was a report that the two sides were 85% of the way to a deal (as if the entire fight was not about the last 15%.) Literally minutes later, there was another report that that the talks almost “blew up” yesterday. I guess that’s progress.

Then just minutes ago, the two sides issued a joint statement stating that they aren’t going to have any more statements. (Flooding my Twitter feed from every PR angle imaginable.) The talks go on. Just as they have been since they began.

For all we know, not a single thing has changed. In fact. Nothing has.

The truth is that we’re no closer to football now than we were three months ago when the CBA expired and the lockout began. They can talk all they want, but until there’s a signed deal, nothing that anyone says holds any weight. There is no NFL right now and all the “progress” hasn’t changed that.

I don’t begrudge the people who cover football for a living, who are doing the best they can to make sense of nonsense. They’re in a no-win situation and I feel bad that they have to put with the spin that gets hurled at them everyday.

But there’s really no reason for the rest of us to pay any attention right now. The players and the owners need to stop trying to convince the public that things are happening and actually make them happen. Stop issuing statements. Stop text your friends in the media and just work on getting a deal is done. Then when you do, call and let us know.

(Or let us know when the games are canceled so we can make other plans.)

I don’t care about the lockout anymore. I care about football. Wake me up when it starts again.

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