2 common resumé mistakes that make hiring managers cringe

Once you press “submit” on a job application, there’s no going back — and with the overload of resumés that hiring managers receive, you have very little time to impress them.

We all know to double-check for typos and grammatical errors, and to avoid crazy fonts and colours, but there are some lesser known errors you may have no idea you’re committing.

In a recent LinkedIn post, CEO of Grammar Chic Amanda Clark shared five mistakes that will cause hiring managers to cringe.

“There is certain information that employers simply don’t want — or need — to see, and other essentials that you may be overlooking,” she writes.

Here are two of the more subtle, yet costly, resumé mistakes that will send your application into the “no” pile:

1. Trying too hard to impress them. “If you are using fancy language and descriptions that seem too good to be true, a hiring manager will probably assume they are,” writes Clark. “Avoid overinflating your job descriptions and trying to make yourself sound more important or skilled than you are. While you want to showcase your greatest strengths and accomplishments, ensure that they sound logical and reasonable.”

2. Including too much personal information. “Limit personal information to a basic contact section with your name, address, phone number, email, and LinkedIn link,” explains Clark.

Never include relationship status, birthday, social security number, photograph, or hobbies, she advises. Besides flooding the hiring manager with extraneous information, “it could lead to unintentional discrimination,” writes Clark. “It is better to leave it off all together and not take any chances.”

For three more costly resumé errors, read the full post here.

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