Why Haven't Photos Of The iPad Mini Leaked Out Yet?

ipad mini 7 inch

Photo: Federico Ciccarese, Ciccarese Design

The next iPhone appears to have leaked out in its entirety. As Farhad Manjoo at Slate points out, we’ve seen photos of the screen, the battery, the sim card, the casing, the logicboard, and the dock connector.

But, Apple isn’t just releasing a new iPhone this fall. According to various reports, it’s also scheduled to release an iPad mini.

And we have no idea what the iPad mini is going to look like because unlike the new iPhone, parts of the iPad mini aren’t leaking. (Assuming the iPhone leaks are real.)

Why not? The Apple reporters who have broken the news of the next iPhone and the iPad mini talked about it on discussion site Branch last night.

While it’s largely speculative, the consensus seems to be that it’s because the iPad mini production isn’t ramping up yet.

Apple’s original iPad didn’t have any parts leak ahead of its announcement. Arn Kim of MacRumors believes it’s because Apple announced the iPad, then two months later started selling the iPad. He thinks it’s possible Apple announces the iPad mini in September then starts selling it in November.

The long time between announcement and release would mean production is still in the early stages, which means fewer leaks. The new iPhone has probably been in production for months so Apple has a healthy supply ready for the massive demand. This long lead time has led to various part leaks.

Head over to Branch to check out the full discussion →

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