Why Hasn't Katie Couric Been Fired? Because It Will Cost CBS $40 Million

A few weeks ago, when Katie Couric told the Television Critics Association that she’s not leaving CBS any time soon, we thought, “That’s great, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get fired.” Apparently she has more control than we thought.

Page Six says she’s unlikely to get the boot because a contractual clause requires CBS to pay her $40 million if they dump her.

Page Six: THE real reason Katie Couric is still anchoring “CBS Evening News”? Insiders say network brass are overlooking her sagging, third-place ratings because the talented anchor has a “pay or play” contract. “The contract is airtight,” said one source. “If [CBS head] Les Moonves wants to get rid of her, he’s got to shell out around $40 million. He’s tried to get her to move on, and she was like, ‘Fine. I’ll leave – where’s my money?’ “

A rep for CBS said, “This is unmitigated bull[bleep]. Katie is on the air because CBS is committed to her as an anchor.” A rep for Couric declined comment.

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