Why Google's restructure was huge and horrible for one guy on Twitter

Chris Andrikanich. Source: Facebook.

Google’s shakeup was huge news around the world today, with the company announcing on Monday afternoon, US time, that it was becoming a subsidiary of a bigger parent company called “Alphabet”.

One person who knew all about it was Chris Andrikanich from Cleveland, Ohio, a devoted dad and husband who describes himself as a “self-proclaimed geek who fires off regular gibberish, gobblety-gook about sports, tech, CLE, and whatever”.

Andrikanich was an early adopter on Twitter, signing up in April 2007, and was able to grab a pretty cool handle as a result – @alphabet.

When Google’s news broke at about 4.30pm in the US, the world turned to his Twitter account to start congratulating him.

He handled the fallout with aplomb:

Before the news, Andrikanich had less than 900 followers, and less than a 12 hours later, it’s nearly 2500, including US president Barack Obama, so it seems that quite a few powerful people think a sports nut in Cleveland with a couple of kids is Larry Page’s day job.

His comment has been retweeted more than 4000 times.

One wag could see the mischievous possibilities of being @alphabet for the Apple user:

Not long after Andrikanich made his comment, Google signed on to Twitter as @alphabetinc.

Apparently the company did not contact Andrikanich about his Twitter handle before its announcement.

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