Here's Why Google Wallet Hasn't Been Successful

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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

The mobile payments space is growing rapidly, but we still have yet to see a dominant player emerge with a solution that really works.Google has tried, American Express is trying, and so are Visa and MasterCard, among many others. 

At our IGNITION conference today, Intuit Vice President and General Manager of Payments Chris Hylen spoke about why there hasn’t been a winner yet.

“Google’s agenda is to get advertising key words,” Intuit Vice President and General Manager of Payments Chris Hylen said. “That’s why their wallet hasn’t been successful. It’s not really solving a problem.”

Hylen argues that whoever wins in the mobile payments space will be focused on the end user.

“You need to solve the end-user problem where people will actually hand over their credentials,” Hylen said.

Business Insider editor Jay Yarow, who moderated the discussion, asked if it will take Apple to make mobile payments really work.

Craig Ochikubo, vice president of wireless at Broadcom, doesn’t think it’s an Apple problem to solve. Instead, he says that companies need to develop a solution with an open interface and open standards in order to dominate the space.

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