Why Facebook, Twitter Are Accelerating The Convergence Of Ad-Tech And Software

For years, the software and ad-tech worlds have traversed different orbits in parallel universes, similar to the way that “paid” media has successfully avoided intermixing with the “earned” media eco-system. This segregation is nearing an apocalyptic end as technology convergence rapidly accelerates, fuelled by massive changes in consumer behaviour, refocused product roadmaps of the marketing superpowers Facebook and Twitter and a fundamental shift towards overall CMO control of technology choice and budgets.

With Fortune 1000 CMOs projected to invest billions in marketing technology this decade, the tipping point is near and that’s why Salesforce and Oracle snapped up Buddy Media, Vitrue, Radian 6 and Collective Intellect, and why my company, Syncapse, bought Clickable. If you look at the landscape, it’s easy to understand why:

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