These Charts Perfectly Explain Why Companies Are Going Crazy Spending Billions On Messaging Apps

Facebook just bought WhatsApp for $US19 billion, which is its biggest competitor in social messaging. WhatsApp is used by 450 million people to send a variety of texts, photos, videos and more to friends all over the world for free.

Messaging apps have become a threat to companies like Facebook since it prevents them from expanding overseas and obtaining access from coveted demographics in emerging markets.

These charts from OnDevice explain why messaging apps have hurt Facebook and why Facebook spent billions buying WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the leader in social messaging apps.

These stats show that WhatsApp is used all over the world. Facebook buying this app opens up more global markets.

Users share 400 million photos through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp's closest competition in the U.S. is Snapchat.

Messaging apps are becoming the dominant source of communication now.

People use multiple messaging apps to talk to friends free of charge.

These are the top emerging markets where messaging apps are used.

They make an incredible amount of money by selling digital stickers.

WhatsApp is the leader in the Top 5 emerging markets.

Facebook Messenger has not been popular.

China's WeChat poses a huge threat, and here's how popular Facebook and WhatsApp are in those countries.

Facebook's own CFO admitted it was losing users on this app. This was an act of survival and Facebook is going to greatly benefit from it.

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