Why Everyone On Wall Street Is Best Friends With Kendrick Wilson

He looks friendly.

It’s hard to tell which came first for Ken Wilson: his awesome job or his being best friends with everyone on Wall Street. The two seem to feed into each other.Take this story, from a Bloomberg profile of him, for example.

During a cab ride, a Goldman Sachs banker overhead Wilson arguing with a Lazard colleague over the phone, and suggested that Wilson end the power struggle and join Goldman Sachs, which he did.

Now his job is finding candidates for top jobs at BlackRock, mentoring executives, and advising President Laurence Fink.

The job Hank Paulson hired him for (as his adviser) a few years ago was to give “clear-sighted advice” and “mentor key executives.”

He must be very charismatic. Also a lot of his job is hiring people.

More testimonials:

  • “Kenny, you’ve had a great career on Wall Street.”- President George Bush
  • “He’s very calm.” – BlackRock president, Laurence Fink
  • “He knows as many people in the whole financial-services industry in the U.S. and the world as anybody.” – Hank Paulson
  • “Ken was the calm centre in the storm of the crisis. I trust his judgment.” – Hank Paulson

He only started a couple months ago and already he is everyone’s go-to guy, says Fink.

“Ken’s office is two offices from mine, and every time I walk past he’s got people in there from the company talking to him,” Fink told Bloomberg. “He’s a magnet.”

Wilson is a well-paid friend! That’s the best job ever!

Read the full profile on Bloomberg.

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