Why every guy should get his eyebrows groomed

Sanias Brow Bar 1223Sarah JacobsExpert brow groomer Sania Vucetaj says ‘nine out of ten’ men need their brows groomed.

Men take care of the hair on their head, and the beard on their face — but they often forget all about the hair in-between — their eyebrows.

That’s a big mistake, according to brow expert Sania Vucetaj, a brow groomer with 25 years of experience with both male and female clients.

“A lot of people question [whether men should] get their brows done,” Vucetaj told me. “How are you leaving out your brows and doing everything else? It’s also part of your face.”

Many men ignore the fact that their eyebrows need grooming, as it doesn’t seem like something they need to worry about.

However, it’s “one thing men can do to cheat a little bit to look nice and clean and groomed,” Vucetaj said.

If you think your eyebrows are perfect and don’t need to be groomed — think again.

“Nine out of 10 men need a little grooming,” Vucetaj said. “There’s that 1% that look perfect and you don’t really need to do much, but nine out of 10 do.”

A good professional brow grooming will clean up the edges around your eyebrows, giving them a neat, groomed look without looking unnatural.

To hear more about what it’s like to have your eyebrows professionally groomed, check out my experience in Sania’s salon here.

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