Why ever guy needs to get a pair of shorter shorts, according to the founder of a startup that has convinced guys across America to wear them

Be confident. Facebook/Chubbies

Fact: you don’t really need that many pockets on your shorts.

But they also don’t need to be that long, either, says Tom Montgomery, a founder of short-shorts company Chubbies.

“You definitely need it above the knee,” he told Business Insider. “For us, that’s the right length. You don’t have any hindrance.”

Chubbies has made a name for itself selling shorter-than-average shorts in colourful patterns. They started around 5.5 inches, but have since started selling shorts that are 7 inches long as well.

They sell for between $50 and $60 a pair, though that price can go up depending on the fabric used to make the shorts.

Montgomery says that there just isn’t any reason for wearing shorts longer than this, and longer shorts just defeat the purpose of wearing shorts altogether.

“There’s no other utility to it. It’s not like you’re preventing foliage from hitting your legs,” Montgomery said. “It’s very much centered around guys not feeling comfortable with showing their legs.”

There is where we hit on the cornerstone of the whole short shorts debate: It’s all about confidence.

“For us, it was very much a confidence thing,” Montgomery said. “This look is something that also shows you off as a confident guy.”

Chubbies shorts
Some of the shorts you can get from Chubbies. Chubbies

As we’ve written about before, confidence is extremely important when going outside of established social norms. Montgomery makes no bones about the fact that shorter shorts are “a statement piece.”

But, to his mind, it’s a good statement, one that says to the world you’re not afraid of bearing it all.

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