ESPN Has Become A Ray Lewis-Love Fest, And Here's Why It Will Only Get Worse

ray lewis

Photo: AP

ESPN ran a segment this morning with Sal Paolantonio that could best be summarized as “Joe Flacco is pretty good, but the Ravens are going to the Super Bowl thanks to Ray Lewis.” And if it seems like ESPN is obsessed with Lewis, it might be because it is in their best interest to promote somebody they are about to hire.The Paolantonio segment was just the latest example of ESPN genuflecting to the Ravens linebacker. Every time you look up, it feels like SportsCenter is reminding us that Lewis is the greatest leader in the history of leaders. 

And all of this comes just weeks after it was reported that Ray Lewis will join ESPN next season as an analyst. Lewis, who will retire after the season, is expected to sign a multi-year contract with ESPN and join their Monday Night Football pre-game show.

So let the hype machine shift into hyperdrive. Because we have still have 12 days until the Super Bowl. And there are a lot of hours to fill on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN RAY.

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