Ebay Should Tell Animal-Rights Activists To Take Protests Elsewhere


Ebay (EBAY) is under fire from animal-rights activists again. Last time, eBay was criticised for allowing the sale of ivory on its site, and the e-commerce giant finally banned the ivory trade in January.

That move makes sense: Ivory trade is illegal in many parts of the world.  But now a new animal-rights campaign is targeting eBay once again, this time over the auction of “guided trophy hunts” where big game like bears, wolves, and cougars are targeted.

eBay’s in the right here. As repugnant as they are to many people, guided trophy hunts are allowed by law, and if eBay is ever to turn its shrinking business around it should remain as free and open a marketplace as it can.

Some people may “boycott” the site.  But Ebay will benefit by making clear that it isn’t in the practice of making moral judgments on what its users are allowed to buy and sell.

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