Why Don't Illegal Immigrants Have A Right To Healthcare?

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As he prepares for his big healthcare speech tonight, Barack Obama is making the media rounds, hoping to load the bases to set up a grand slam.

On Good Morning America, he slammed the lie that his healthcare plan would apply to illegal immigrants, as critics claim it would.

But why is this so ridiculous? Good healthcare, as its typically described by reform advocates like the late Ted Kennedy, is a “right” and not a privilege? If that’s the case, then it’s a matter of morality, and we wonder why that shouldn’t apply to illegal immigrants as well.

The answer is probably pragmatic politics. You can’t sell something to the majority of Americans if they think their tax dollars are going to support healthcare for illegal immigrants. But then, we’re regularly told that a major cost (to the public) is unnecessary, emergency-room care, the likes of which illegal immigrants will keep relying on under the new regime.

Again, Obama’s answer to the question makes total sense from a political perspective. But we wonder, to the people who are in the weeds fighting for reform, does the anti-illegal immigrant stance make sense to you from either a philosophical or practical point of view?

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