Why Don't DVR Owners Skip Commercials?

Yet another study argues that most DVR owners watch most of their TV live, and don’t skip commercials. Interpublic’s Magna Global says that just 13.8% of all viewing in DVR homes is time-shifted, MediaPost reports. That’s about in line with a Leichtman Research Group estimate we noted in October. And again, this sounds plausible to us, particularly for households that watch sports (no matter how stultifying the games are).

But we also notice that even when we are watching DVR’d TV via our lousy Time Warner Cable (TWC) box, we end up watching commercials. This puzzles us. A couple possible explanations:

• We are ancient (35+) and well past the age at which we can adapt to new technology. Future generations will reflexively zip past commercials without a second thought.
• Advertisers have already adapted to the DVRs and have suddenly begun creating innovative and compelling ads which are worth watching.
• We are comatose and would rather stare blankly at a screen then expend the necessary effort to hit the fast forward button.

We’re thinking all of the above, though we’re worried that the truth may be more stupor-related than we’d like to admit. We’re guessing that most SAI readers have a quick trigger finger when it comes to DVR viewing: Will any of you cop to watching ads even when you don’t have to? Let us know in comments below.

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