Why Donald Trump is the monster from 'Stranger Things'

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains details about the plot in “Stranger Things.” If you have not completed the series and do not want the details spoiled, DO NOT read further.

Donald Trump may not be an actual monster, but some people are saying he has similarities to the one featured in “Stranger Things.”

The Netflix summer hit, set in a rural 1980s Indiana town, is centered around a reptilian creature that the Dungeons and Dragons-loving protagonists name the “demogorgon.” The monster descends from a dark, twisted, shadow version of the world called the Upside Down into our own and, throughout the series, preys on targets.

Like the monster, Trump too descended from the Upside Down world of politics. He hails from the shadow world of the trade where money is used to purchase influence. He plays dirty, takes no prisoners, and is immune to traditional methods of attack.

Just as the Republican field threw everything it had at Trump, the individuals preyed upon in “Stranger Things” employ conventional methods of defence to protect themselves from the menacing beast. But it’s all to no avail.

The first victim in “Stranger Things,” 12-year-old Will Byers, does the obvious when being hunted by the demogorgon. He runs home, locks his door, and, like Jeb Bush, calls out for help from his parents. It doesn’t work. The monster draws upon his mysterious powers and effortlessly gains entry. Byers is taken by the bloodthirsty creature into the Upside Down.

As the monster wrecks more havoc upon the world, extreme measures are taken by the startled members of the town who realise the situation must be taken seriously. Two of the main characters, Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers, put former discord aside to team up and take on the demogorgon (Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, anyone?).

The duo sets up an ambush and, when the monster shows up, the pair uses every trick in the book to destroy the creature. After luring it into a bear trap, Wheeler unloads a revolver on the monster. It does nothing. In an act of desperation, Jonathan lights the hallway the creature is in on fire. And, while it results in chasing the monster away, it still fails to cause crippling damage.

Somewhere along the line, it becomes obvious that the monster cannot be destroyed — at least not by occupants of the town.

In the season finale of “Stranger Things,” it ultimately takes the show’s female lead, a powerful test subject with supernatural powers named Eleven, to use her unworldly abilities to slay the beast.

In the face of Eleven, the same monster that casually brushed off a slew of attacks from previous opponents, was suddenly left powerless and unable to compete. Staring the creature in the eye, 11 confronted the monster and turned it into dust.

If the polls are any indicator, it appears we are about to see the same act play out with Hillary Clinton. Trump may have easily annihilated the contenders within his own party, but his primal powers don’t seem to be effective against Clinton.

This is an editorial. The opinions and conclusions expressed above are those of the author.

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