Why Does Dick Bove Hate The Wall Street Journal So Much?

Dick Bove

In a note yesterday, outspoken bank analyst Dick Bove took a swipe at the WSJ, though to be honest, we’re not sure what it’s all about, and we’re just going to throw it open to you.

Here’s what we saw from the note:

The Wall Street Journal Capitulates – Banking News May Now Become More Objective

1 Page / New Reporter, New Outlook

From time to time over the past two years, I have written that the Wall Street Journal’s reporting on the banking industry has been more representative of a subjective vendetta than objective analysis (although the paper has not been alone in this regard). The litmus test I have used concerning the Journal’s reporting has been: “Based on what you have read in this paper would you have purchased a bank stock, and, if not, were you harmed by this?”

Any ideas?

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