Why ‘Die Hard’ is definitely a Christmas movie

  • In a YouGov poll last year, 52% of UK adults claimed “Die Hard” was not a Christmas film.
  • A recent survey by the Hollywood Reporter/ Morning Consult found as many as 62% didn’t think it was.
  • But we disagree, watch the video to see why.

A recent poll by the Hollywood Reporter/ Morning Consult found 62% of American adults thought “Die Hard” was not a Christmas film. And even Bruce Willis joined in the debate.

“Die Hard” sits at number 11 on ranking site Rotten Tomatoes’ 50 Best Christmas Movies. It also features on best Christmas lists by Time Out, and tops movie magazine Empire’s list.

The most successful Christmas movie of all time is Home Alone, with a lifetime gross $US476,684,675. “Die Hard” has made box office totals of around $US141, 278, 197, according to boxofficemojo. This year the British Film Institute includes contemporary comedies in its Christmas line-up, including “Gremlins” and “Home Alone”.

We take a look at different criteria: soundtrack, the time frame the film is set in, viewing habits, music, anti-Christmas element and overcoming of greed. We can prove it IS a Christmas movie. Sort of.

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