This Kid Thinks You're An Idiot For Not Investing In Eastern Poland

eastern poland


“What will you do when your child asks why didn’t invest in Eastern Poland?”This question, along with a picture of a disapproving boy, has been posed to people around the world through advertisements in The Economist and other publications and with posters in airports and videos on YouTube. Another ad in the campaign suggests that your father-in-law will disapprovingly ask the same question.

So? Should you invest in Eastern Poland?

The Internet seems to think this is a ridiculous idea. After a flurry of mockery when the campaign was announced in September, it has become a meme with dozens of variations appearing on comedy site Something Awful.

That said, the kid could be right.

Poland outperformed its neighbours during the crisis, and its future looks even brighter. The central European country was named one of the best emerging markets in the world, according to Bloomberg Markets Magazine, with 21 per cent GDP growth projected from 2013 to 2017.

First, here's the kid shaking his head at you

And now, here are a bunch of images mocking the ad (via Something Awful)


But seriously, what will you say when your father-in-law puts you on the spot?

Let's see why Eastern Poland thinks you should invest in Eastern Poland. Hint: It involves luxury sports car manufacturing, aviation industry, timber industry, and more.

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